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phone +7 904 118 06 52
scype trans.sib.hostel
GPS Lat: 52 17 16.752
Lng: 104 15 13.992


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Frequently Asked Questions

Could you arrange meeting at the train station/airport and pick up service to the hostel location?

Yes, we can. In order to do that we need to know your name, exact number of train, what city are you coming from, date and time of you arrival (Moscow or Irkutsk time) to Irkutsk, number of your train carriage. It would be great if you will tell us your contact cell phone number as well. Person from our hostel will have a sigh of Transsib Hostel Pick up service by car from central train station/airport cost 8 Euro/15 Euro.

How do we pay for accommodation?

You could pay for accommodation and other services you may need cash ether Euro or Rubles at the day of your arrival. We don’t require for payment in advance for booking accommodation in our hostel.

Could you provide us with visa registration service?

Yes we can. This service will cost you 8 Euro per one visa (p/p).

Is it possible to cook our own food in your hostel?

Surely it is! Booking accommodation with us you will have kitchen at your disposal – electric and microwave owens, fridge and all essential dishes for cooking your own meals. For breakfast we will provide you with tea and coffee, sugar, fresh bread, milk, muesli and jam – all what you need in the morning!

Is there any place in your hostel where we could leave part of our luggage while travelling to Baikal Lake?

Book accommodation with us you could leave some of your luggage for storage in a hostel while you will be out Irkutsk city busy travelling to Baikal Lake or different place. We do provide our customers with that service for free.

Could you arrange a visa (or invitation) for Russia?

Our hostel directly can`t make invitation letter (only biggest travel companies in Russia can do this), but we could arrange those documents through the service of one major travel Co of Irkutsk for a price of 30 Euro per invitation case (p/p). For organizing this service we would need your passport data: full name, citizenship, date of birth, serial passport number as well as exact dates of your planned visit to Russia (Not more than 30 days in total). In a few days we will send back to you scans of invitation documents by e-mail. Then you need to print them and show those documents at your local Russian embassy to get stamp of Russian Travel visa.

In some rare cases Russian embassies require for original papers of invitation letters. This way we will send you originals by post service (regular or express one like DHL if needed).