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About Baikal

Lake Baikal is a place of superlatives: the deepest, the oldest, the clearest, the cleanest, the highestlevel of biodiversity, the largest volume (20% of the total) of freshwater in the world, and home to a freshwater seal. For this reason Lake Baikal is on the World Natural Heritage List of Unesco.

It is especially good and just a "must" to visit Baikal if you`re taking a Trans-Siberian train. This train stops in Irkutsk. You can hop off the train and make a trip to Baikal Lake. The experiences you will get there will be incomparable to anything else.

Baikal is easily the largest lake in Eurasia, and it is just as easily the deepest lake in the world (1,637 meters). On the merits of magnitude alone the lake is renowned as one of the earth`s most impressive natural wonders, and rightfully so - Baikal is so large that all of the rivers on earth combined would take an entire year to fill it.

What fewer people realize, however, is that Baikal`s majestic expanse is situated in a region of surpassing beauty, its forested shores surmounted by the jagged, snow-clad peaks of the nearest mountains.

In the winter Baikal freezes over, with ice so thick that the Trans-Siberian Railway was previously run over its surface. At this time of year the lake provides a perfect possibility for ice-tours as trekking with sleigh, skiing and even driving on ice shield of the Baikal.

In summer, its crystalline blue waters are transparent to a depth of forty meters, and its shores are ringed with the brilliant colors of seasonal wildflowers. At this period we are glad to offer you a lot of hiking routes along shore line of the Baikal lake, cycling trips and multi sportive tours. We give you the opportunity to discover the Lake Baikal through Adventure travels. Take your time to discover our propositions and you will see that


Baikal-Adventure company make unforgettable holydays for you.


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