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About Transsib

 Our company can gladly help you organizing your train tickets from Irkutsk to any other cities on the Transsib line. If you interested in more detailazed information, please e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit our website Baikal Adventure

Actual length of Transsib by the main passenger way is 9288,2 km (about 5772 miles). That is why it is the longest railway in the world crossing almost whole Eurasia. Tariff price is a little bit bigger - 9298 km and doesn`t concur with the real one. Approximatly 70 years Yaroslavsky terminal in Moscow is considered to be the beginning of Transsib. The end of Transsib - Vladivostoksky terminal located on the outskirts of Russia on the bank of Golden Horn Bay in Japanese Sea.



Brief History of the Railway.

Russia`s longstanding desire for a Pacific port was realized with the foundation of Vladivostok in 1860.

By 1880, Vladivostok had grown into a major port city, and the lack of adequate transportation links between European Russia and its Far Eastern provinces soon became an obvious problem.

In 1891, Czar Alexander III drew up plans for the Trans-Siberian Railway and initiated its construction. Upon his death three years later, the work was continued by his son Nicholas. Despite the enormity of the project, a continuous route was completed in 1905, having been rushed to completion by the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War the year before.

The present route of the line, including both the difficult stretch around Baikal and a northerly replacement for the dangerously situated Manchurian line, was opened in 1916.


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